Milk Weighing Bowl

Features / Specification of Milk Weighing Bowl

Features :

20,00,000 Internal Resolution
Full Digital Calibration
25 mm High Super bright LED Display
Built-in Battery Backup
Modular Design Compact And Easy To Install
Full Stainless Steel Housing IP 65 Protected
Full Stainless Steel Junction Box IP 65 Protected
Mild Steel Or Full Stainless Steel Weighing Bowl

Options :

RS-232 Serial Port For Data Transmission Of Displayed Weight
Serial Port For Printing Of Displayed Weight
4 to 20mA Current Loop or 10VDC output for connection to PLC
Dual Set Point With Relay Output
RTC (Real Time Clock) For Printing Date And Time Of Weighment
Kilogram To Liter Conversion
Data Processing Unit For Record Keeping Of Members
Wall Mounting 12.5 mm Red LED Remote with 6m Cable
Wall Mounting 24.4 mm Red Serial LED Remote with 10m Cable
Wall Mounting 75 mm Red Serial LED Remote with 10m Cable


Model Capacity Resolution
PLT 600-MWM 600kg x 100g 1/6000
PLT 600-MWS 600kg x 100g 1/6000