Citizen CX, CY Series Scales



Citizen's Basic Analytical Balances offers exactly right performance and convenient features that you need to accomplish for the most sophisticated weighing tasks. On Citizen you can weigh just about anything from really light weight samples to heavy weight objects and if you want to do more than "Basic Weighing"the 7 application Programs will let you

CX, CY mass comparators enable calibration of mass patterns and weights ranged from 50 to 500 g with readout precision from 0.01mg. Comparators are equipped with built-in procedure of defining average standard deviation with ABA or ABBA method for maximum 20 repetitions. after which a report containing the results is generated.

A modern weighing module with graphic display is responsible for control of comparator operation. CX 205MC comparator is equipped with new software that is operated intuitively and user-friendly.

CX / CY Series Scales Features

* Piece Counting
* Percentage (%} weighing
* liCheck Weighing
* Filling
* Statistics
* Recipe
* Density measurement for solid and liquid (With optional Eqp. & software.
* Fully Automatic Internal Calibration with various Following Features.Enable user for highly perfect and precise weighing
* Self according to change in the ambient temperature
* User selected TIME Calibration


Gold weighing
GSM Calculation
Gem & Jewelry
Parts Counting